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Sharon Nasset
Portland's Mayor

Nov. 5, 2024

"Solid Solutions For A Better Tommorrow."

The Mayor's Job:

Making the Health, Security, Well Being, and Wealth of OUR Town Thriving. - Sharon Nasset

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Create a register for housing needs.

Those who have no housing, housing sensitive, pay too much of their funds on housing.

Provide information and housing fairs on boarding houses and rooming house for people interested in utilizing properties.

Provide centralized areas in different parts of town for temporary camping center that can offer services. 

Ask for State and Federal housing funds to go directly to boarding and rooming houses.

Use Oregon State housing funding directly to upgrading current properties so they can be fully utilized.


Ensure all citizens have enough healthy food to live well. Eliminate hunger signs by reducing supermarket food waste in Portland, shifting responsibility to companies capable of transporting surplus goods. Introduce the My Neighbors Garden Program to utilize local gardens for high-yield produce and support food pantries efficiently.

Police &

Recruiting from the communities with the goal of the majority of people hired as Police Officers living inside the Portland City Limits. The recruiting process must include providing upgrading any needed skills necessary for the candidate to perform the job.

Seek to legalize Police and Emergency Workers to “Double Dip” of all profession they must have the right to stay after retirement age if they met requirements. The knowledge, skill, and dedication to stay in the rank and file and continue to service keeping the trained level high. Allowing an Officer to keep all their earned retirement benefits and start again at the level of a new Officer helps retention and keeps cost down. 

Connection Events

Promote community-police bonding through regular events where citizens and officers interact positively. Assign officers in small teams to neighborhoods for better understanding and support.


Host diverse quarterly events offering one-on-one talks, group discussions, and activities like defense and gun safety classes. Encourage officer attendance at neighborhood meetings to enhance community dialogue.

Designate Tom McCall Waterfront Park as a peaceful protest space, ensuring visibility and respect for community concerns without disrupting daily life.


Portland's diverse neighborhoods showcase unique talents and welcoming communities. Supporting local businesses not only enriches our city but also empowers workers with valuable skills and opportunities.


To bridge the gap between small business knowledge and employee advancement, consider tax incentives and bonds for skills training. This investment can transform low-wage jobs into sustainable careers, benefiting both individuals and the community through increased prosperity and tax revenue.

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